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Discussion in 'Take my Konerko, please?' started by AnthraxFan93, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. AnthraxFan93

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    The Sox are not going to part with Sale or Abreau.. So IMO the only chip they could trade is Quintana. Who as of this post has 8 QS, and is coming off a 2 run loss to the Blue Jays. The Sox need to shake things up and look to 2016. They need two major holes at 3B and C to fill with this trade. The Sox feel either Sanchez and Johnson are long-term 2b. Being Q is locked up to a pretty team friendly deal.. The Sox can target better prospects.

    First name that comes to my mind is Joey Gallo.. The Rangers are looking for SP help, just don't know what else it would take to get him. Or if that's an massive overpay.

    2nd is the Rockies, who have Ryan McMahon. With Nolan A going to be a mainstay would they be willing to move him to gain a quality arm for their rotation? They also have some C prospects to be added into any deal.

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  2. Cheeses

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    Samardzj is also gone at the deadline.
  3. AnthraxFan93

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    I don't think so; if they keep him they get draft picks in the upper rounds? Vs trading him for some AA SP that will be a bullpen arm maybe.
  4. y2chae

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    Quintana is worth at least two, maybe 3 A level prospects due to his contract. If he hit the open market after this season, he could get $18 million a year.
  5. y2chae

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    If the team feels the trade offers they get aren't more valuable than the draft pick, they'll keep him
  6. skottyj

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    If all it took to get Samardalkjadgia5alf for a year is Marcus Semien I don't think half a year of him will get much. I'm against trading Quintana; you build teams on pitching and defense. You just dont' give away a good pticher.
  7. whitesox901

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    They're not trading Q. You're not guaranteed to get the value back that he has given his value as a player and his extremely friendly contract.

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    Thread is too specific and uncertain. Let's do a general trade deadline thread instead.

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    I don't buy that in this era. Runs are at too big of a premium. And they can trade Q and still be rock solid if Fulmer & Johnson pan out.
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