The SOX: A buncha no tippin Pippens?

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    This is hilarious.

    The White Sox players left Seattle on July 20 without paying clubhouse dues and tips, objecting to a new Mariners policy that redirects 60 percent of the dues into an account managed by the team, according to major-league sources.

    Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto confirmed that the White Sox were the first club to refuse payment to Seattle's visiting clubhouse manager, Jeff Bopp.

    However, this is not an issue driven only by the White Sox's players.

    Dipoto acknowledged that other clubs have reacted with "curiosity" to the Mariners' policy, and another team, the San Francisco Giants, quickly reversed an adjustment to its own procedures last season when visiting players complained.

    The players' association, seeking uniformity in clubhouse protocols -- as well as safeguards against management intrusion into the clubhouse space -- has raised the issues in collective bargaining, sources said. The current labor agreement expires Dec. 1.

    Clubhouse attendants long have been part of baseball's hidden fabric, serving players' various needs. The players, in turn, consider "clubbies" an extension of the player fraternity and often tip them generously.

    The White Sox players withheld their money because Mariners management unilaterally entered a financial relationship that historically has existed between only players and "clubbies," sources said.
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    Team can't stop stepping on its own dicks, can it?
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    Looks like the team wanted to tip but was worried the dues went to the club and not the clubhouse attendant
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    Sounds like they were actually fighting for the right thing.

    Making it sound bad with this thread title was more fun, though.
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    Guessing Sale was leading the charge on this one too.
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    Is Youklis still on the team? That sounds like something he (Jew) would do.
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