Possible First Female MLB Player?

Discussion in 'Trolling for Minors' started by SouthAsianpalehose, Jul 2, 2015.

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  2. rustysurf83

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    Not a fucking chance. It's cool that she's the first on the register, but her noted accomplishment in those interviews was a base hit off some Dominican throwing 91? I know dudes that could hit guys throwing 90+ when they were freshman in HS...and those guys never got past the Juco level. Limited video and information, but it wasn't particularly impressive.
  3. SouthAsianpalehose

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    I agree with that Rusty. I don't think she'll make it far either. But its a good story.
  4. BTrain929

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    her swing is definitely long and weak. both are fixable, but i'd say doubtful. she did have above average footwork and a quick release at SS from the videos I saw her in.

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    Chae could probably beat her in basketball.
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