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Discussion in 'SOXual Healing' started by IWMB, Mar 19, 2017.

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    So I've mentioned a couple times that I am umping in Arizona right now.

    Did six 12 y/o games today. So we're doing introductions at the plate meeting of game 5 and I mention I'm from Chicago. One of the coaches asks if I'm a Cubs or Sox fan, and I say SOX, and he says me too. I ask where he's from, and he says he's from California, but that he played for them.

    It was McKay Christensen. He seemed upset I didn't know who he was, but I was 10 and 11 for his 85 or so plate appearances, it looks like. Seemed like a good dude.
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  2. maurice

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    I don't get these athletes who get sad when you don't know who they are when they are pretty obscure.

    My friend lived next to Sean Salisbury and he said he first time him and his dad met him he was sad that they didn't know who he was.
  4. Prope

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    My dad and I shared a cab with Gary Varsho in 1990.
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    IWMB's next Zach Duke moment, this time, with real life ramifications. I was in attendance for his first career HR.

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    Sure, McKay Christiansen - former Can't Miss Kid and Prince of the Mormons.
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    He was a guaranteed bunt single cheat in video games
  9. IWMB

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    At least he was on ESPN all those years, and had cameos in a few movies IIRC. This guy is a complete nobody. And yeah, I'll remember random utility guys, but that's really young for me. I'm sure I saw him play a few times, but shit, 67 games over 3 years is nothing.

    And I don't remember him being on the roster in Triple Play 2000. If he was and I didn't remember his name, then perhaps I am a gay gentleman cuz I lived on that game and played it for several years since I had the portable PSOne, so I was still using it on the road after I had gotten PS2.
  10. Prope

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    My buddy shared an elevator with Isaiah Thomas and when he got off he turned to Zeke and told him it was a bitch ass move to not shake hands in '91
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    Guy at work supposedly was drafted by the Yankees but blew his shoulder out twice.
  12. maurice

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    Bitch ass move to wait until he got off.

    Also, you incorrectly spelled Isiah correctly.

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