Moncada Called Up to Sox

Discussion in 'SOXual Healing' started by Unregistered, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Unregistered

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    You think Beckham ever thought in a million years that Getz would be Director of Player Development and he'd be sucking shit back in the minor leagues 5 years after he wrote GETZ IS GAY in the infield dirt? Life comes at you fast.
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  2. Cheeses

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  3. BeviBall

    BeviBall No wallet. No crack. Not me.

    Gets is gay on TV looking sweet!
  4. DepaulSox

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    That seems like 35 years ago.
  5. Prope

    Prope RIP soxwon

  6. AnthraxFan93

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    Saw the excitement of a walk from Moncada yesterday.. People need to calm down, this kid is going to fail more than succeed at this point of his career. And we as fans would want that.
  7. maurice

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    Having no desire to win games really helps. You can just run him, Anderson, and Rodon out there for a couple of years regardless of results just to see what you have. That has to be a lot better for a rookie than, say, getting jerked around in CF the year after winning the WS.
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  8. IWMB

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    What he really means is "that was a douchebag move"
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  9. sycked

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  10. FedEx

    FedEx Delivers

    Oh right because Brian Anderson was the next Mickey Mantle.
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  11. Cheeses

    Cheeses Nice game, pretty boy Cupcake Mod

  12. chops

    chops never met prope

    If only he got his chance...
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  13. maurice

    maurice Gangster of Love

    First-ballot HOFer.

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