Mayweather vs. McGregor

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    Big picture is that it's good MMA. Conor previously was almost TKOed by a pretty good MMA fighter in Nate Diaz, and their second fight was a close striking affair. For him to last this long against the best boxer of his generation and then lose via exhaustion not concussion says a lot about the caliber of athlete in MMA today.
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    Saw the first few rounds for free at the Tinley VFW. So why did Mayweather actually fight this time instead of just dance around
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    Too embarrassing to allow it to go to a decision. Even this is kinda embarrassing.

    Think of it this way: When James Toney fought MMA, it ended in 3 minutes during the very first exchange. He didn't land any punches, and he certainly didn't win any rounds.
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    News stories coming out that Mayweather, and his guys, went around town putting bets on a KO in 9.5 rounds.
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    like cheeser
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    Hadn't seen that earlier.

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