*Game 23 - SOX @ Tigers III - 4/30/17* - 12:10 WGN

Discussion in 'Game Day' started by Cheeses, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Cheeses

    Cheeses Chárles le Brun Cupcake Mod

    5-2 Tigers. SOX threatening.
  2. Cheeses

    Cheeses Chárles le Brun Cupcake Mod

  3. Unregistered

    Unregistered The Facebook of Fucking Cupcake Mod

    First place, we hardly knew ye
  4. Fuller

    Fuller Trump had no ideas, he just went too far

    I'll take 2/3 in Detroit all day, every day
  5. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    I'll take a 5 game losing streak so we can start selling
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  6. samram

    samram Bon Vivant

    Make it 10 or 12 just to drive home the point. Don't need them thinking they just had a bad week.
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  7. chops

    chops never met prope

    90-72 ALC Champs, ALCS Champs, WS Champs

    Keep the winning coming

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