Fantasy Football - 2016

Discussion in 'Sports Haps' started by BeviBall, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. IWMB

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  2. Pig

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    Tore the consolation bracket to pieces. Too bad I couldn't do that in the first week of playoffs.

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  3. Stockdale4Veep

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    Tyreek Hill dropping that potential TD may fuck me.

    Need at least 20 from Ebron tomorrow
  4. BeviBall

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    Incredible how bad Cam was this year.
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  5. IWMB

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    Just a complete utter shithead. I never take QBs high, but when it came around to me later in the 3rd I knew I could get another great WR a few picks later. So my 1st 3 were Gronk, Nelson, and Cam - only 1 non-shithead yet I still made the final.
  6. chops

    chops never met prope

    Did you end up losing?
  7. IWMB

    IWMB Resident Umpire

    Uh, yeah. Demaryius didn't drop 30.

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