*Fantasy Baseball: Rants and Raves Thread*

Discussion in 'The Other 29' started by Pig, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Pig

    Pig I Am The One Who Locks Cupcake Mod

    If anyone has a league that needs an extra, I'm interested. :shrug:

    As chae said two years ago^ (:laff:), the guys in my league got disinterested so our league doesn't even exist this year. That said, I'd still like to play in at least one league and I'd rather that not be a random yahoo one..
  2. AnthraxFan93

    AnthraxFan93 BASEBALL GURU

    What about throwing together a SOX happs league.. CBS/Yahoo's services?
  3. Alanzo

    Alanzo Well-Known Member

    I will do one on Yahoo
  4. AnthraxFan93

    AnthraxFan93 BASEBALL GURU

    My current options for 1B are the following

    Jose Abreu
    Freedie Freedom
    Travis Shaw

    Yeah is me.
  5. SABRSox

    SABRSox Hollywood Mega-Hunk Bob Balaban Cupcake Mod

    Currently I've jumped out to a nice lead in my league. This is with Rizzo, Pujols and Maikel Franco all off to slow starts.

    Was fortunate to have picked up Trevor Story way early, and riding that gravy train to 1st place.

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