BA's White Sox Top 10 Prospects

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    How the big league lineup could look four years from now relying solely on in-house talent
    Catcher Tyler Flowers
    First Base Paul Konerko
    Second Base Gordon Beckham
    Third Base Brent Morel
    Shortstop Alexei Ramirez
    Left Field Jordan Danks
    Center Field Jared Mitchell
    Right Field Alex Rios
    Designated Hitter Carlos Quentin
    No. 1 Starter Jake Peavy
    No. 2 Starter John Danks
    No. 3 Starter Mark Buehrle
    No. 4 Starter Gavin Floyd
    No. 5 Starter Daniel Hudson
    Closer Bobby Jenks

    That's really not too bad
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    I'll pretend that Viciedo takes PK's spot just because I don't want 37 year old Konerko on the team. Don't want 33 year old Konerko either.

    If Mitchell, Danks, and Flowers all develop nicely, that's a huge help because then they have funds for 3B and 1B and to maybe replace Buehrle if he decides to retire after 2011 or do his victory lap in St. Louis.
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    Keep in mind this list/article was written by Phil Rogers.

    Edit: Well I don't know if the list was I guess, but the article has his name on it.
  5. FedEx

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    The list was done by the guys at BA, so don't worry there. I have their AL Central mag. I'll post the rest of their White Sox thoughts tomorrow (Best tools, best power etc)
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    They should hire someone that is not Phil Rogers to write.
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    2015 list:
    1. Carlos Rodon, lhp
    2. Tim Anderson, ss
    3. Spencer Adams, rhp
    4. Micah Johnson, 2b
    5. Francellis Montas, rhp
    6. Micker Adolfo, of
    7. Tyler Danish, rhp
    8. Trey Michalczewski, 3B
    9. Courtney Hawkins, of
    10. Rangel Ravelo, 1b

    Adolfo ahead of Danish and Hawkins is McNabb-worthy.

    I would've started a new thread but wanted to :bump: Wong's post.
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    Yeah, meant to post that earlier. Good to have a nice ranking of 50 names, but


    on reading all the words.
  10. maurice

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    I haven't read more than 10% of it myself. It's a nice resource if you want to learn more about a particular prospect, though. He's got video and everything.
  11. Cheeses

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    Potential fan favorite just based on the name.

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    Looking over Matt D's profit on FanGraphs.. With 1B Solid and his lack of Def skills at 3b.. Why not move him to OF?
  13. maurice

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    They won't move him until they're sure he can't handle 3B.

    Of course defense is a non-issue if he stays around the Mendoza line in AAA.

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