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Discussion in 'The Other 29' started by sycked, Apr 3, 2016.

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  1. BeviBall

    BeviBall No wallet. No crack. Not me.

    Upton takes two balls pretty much down the middle in a 1-0 game with the playoffs on the line to end their season.

  2. CaptainBallz

    CaptainBallz Windowlickin' Good

    Sale knew that Ventura was a gay gentleman, but the jersey incident was when Sale realized Ventura wasn't his gay gentleman
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  3. zmz

    zmz By the Banks of the River Chicago

  4. Zoso

    Zoso *autistic screeching* Cupcake Mod

    Who's gonna win the AL?

    Dude I think a Cubs Red Sox World Series would just be good for baseball


    ^ not sure if that's the tag
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  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered The Facebook of Fucking Cupcake Mod

    Ventura has probably let Sale get away with all types of annoying shit because he just stays out of everything. Sale's whole thing was that Ventura should be standing up for them if they had jerseys that were actually uncomfortable to play in. Thing about managers who don't do or say anything is while they're out of your way and never give you any shit, they're also not standing up for you at any point either.
  6. Fuller

    Fuller Trump had no ideas, he just went too far

    I'm thinking SF v CLE
  7. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

  8. skottyj

    skottyj Owner of Many Baseball Hats

    Under Armour to provide MLB uniforms starting 2020. Wonder if they'll try and change the color schemes.
  9. IWMB

    IWMB Resident Umpire

  10. IWMB

    IWMB Resident Umpire

    Never mind, just a 1 year deal
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  11. maurice

    maurice Gangster of Love

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