*2017 Shitshow Terminus - SOX @ Jndians - Sept. 29 - Oct. 1*

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  1. zmz

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    If “Hey, the kids can play” results in .500 then I’m all for it. Call me a homer gay gentleman but next year will be fun to watch
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  2. Fuller

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    Because i think you need to start setting an expectation for winning rather than a culture for losing. These are young, impressionable guys and ultimately there are...Life Lessons™ to be learnt here.
  3. y2chae

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    All signs do point to a this being an improved team next season given the September showings. Looking at the rebuilding from the Cubs, they won 73 games in 2014 with a team on paper that looks to be less talented than what the Sox are bringing into 2018.

    But I think the Rodon thing puts a serious dent in .500. I would've agreed .500 was possible if everything clicked but if Rodon doesn't come back until around June I imagine it'll take him a month to get going like it did this year. The good news is Rodon just only had severe inflammation, no torn rotator cuff, labrum or that rare condition Danks had to deal with it. That's why the Sox released a statement stating confidence he'll make a full recovery. Without him the rotation projects to be Giolito, Lopez, Fulmer and two sign and flip types hopefully with better results than Holland. Fulmer still remains a question mark, as 3 good starts don't exactly mean you've turned a corner.

    A lot of it will depend on the pen too. I assume they'll make some value signings and try to find another Kahnle or Swarzak but whether or not the pen will be any good will be a crapshoot.

    So there is a scenario, I think where they kids can still do well, but a lack of a back end rotation and a bad bullpen can still cause this team to lose 90 games. But call ups to Jimenez and Kopech could prevent that as well. So wouldn't be a shock to have a season like the Brewers did this year, if everything goes right. Everyone expected them to be one of the worst teams in the NL and they didn't even really hit on that much young talent, it was more surprise seasons from veterans and guys like Eric Thames.
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    Shields still has another year.
  5. y2chae

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    Oh yeah. I'm sure he'll revert back to giving up a HR every 4 innings after throwing those pointless quality starts in September
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