2017 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Sports Haps' started by Prope, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Fuller

    Fuller Trump had no ideas, he just went too far

    How does the third worst team in the NFL end up with just 2 FBS players to show for their #3 spot?
  2. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    They drafted 2 division 2 players and 1 FBS. Worse than you thought!
  3. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    Sorry I meant FCS
  4. Prope

    Prope RIP soxwon

    I understand, and appreciate what Pace did with the Trubisky pick, but the rest of that I have no idea wtf he had going on.
  5. y2chae

    y2chae Panda

    Peter King's MMQB (take it for what it's worth since King is kind of a douche) says he believes there was a 80% Trubisky would still be there at #3.
  6. chops

    chops never met prope

    Seems like every draft recap gives the Bears a D on their draft.

    I don't follow CFB anymore so I have no idea if any of these tugs are any good or not.

    But taking shitty small running backs and mediocre TE's seems pretty dumb.

    I was a little more pissed on the Trubisky pick, but like I said, it's more like why Glennon to teach him.

    Who knows, but yeah, I think we're looking at a shitty 2017

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