Aug 10, 2008
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    1. Prope
    2. cavahoo
      When you get to Tampa, be sure and look up Dave Wills...I am sure that you know he is the Rays radio announcer and formerly hosted the SOX pre and post game radio show on AM 1000 in Chicago. He is a pretty good friend of mine...used to drink with him in Jimbos and was a frequent caller to his show. Tell him you know "Dave from Virginia" will probably get you a beer! I think he does a post game radio show after home games at a bar either in the park or right beside it. Dave is a great guy.
    3. cavahoo
      all is goo here sam...going to see the Knights here all weekend and Monday..then seeing the SOX in Camden Aug moving in 3 weeks? where to? Hope all is well with you!!
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